Episode 15 – The QT4CM Podcast
December 22, 2016

Episode 15

Advice for Short Term Mission Trips

Two experts respond to these questions on security and longer term engagement we received from a ministry leader in Brazil:

I’d like to hear about good resources with advice about safety and security for groups coming out on short term mission trips.

Oh…and another thing I’d like to hear on your podcast — what are some advice on how do we engage these short term mission tourists to become long term donors?

They take a lot of our time and most we never hear from again after.



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Mark Crocker is Executive Director of STMleader.com

Mark Crocker 2Mark shares with us his insights on Short Term Missions, having trained tens of thousands of volunteers to head overseas and make a difference. Mark served as the chair for short term missions at the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s Global Mission round table. He now consults and trains for faith-based and secular NGOs. He heads of STMleader.com and Stopover.ca.  His training courses are practically geared for  STM beginners and masters level college courses. Mark leverages his extensive experience in the field, which includes leading multi-million dollar development projects in Congo and Haiti.

You can read about Mark’s STM leadership training and certification at the website STMleader.com.  He can also be reached through Stopover.ca where he provides diversity training and benevolence coaching. He and his team specialize in delivering customized training to individuals and organizations. Their coaching is engaging and memorable and will immediately give you the tools you need to make an impact as you travel abroad.


Here are a few links to Mark Crocker's articles on the subject of his talk:







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