038 How to start your own Christian charity project and give official receipts to your donors – The QT4CM Podcast
September 12, 2017

038 How to start your own Christian charity project and give official receipts to your donors

How to start your own Christian charity project and give official receipts to your donors

Thinking about starting a new Christian charity project, or missions idea? Do you want to benefit from charitable donation tax receipts for your donors in Canada and the United States?

We are often asked how we have been able to offer official charity tax receipts for donations in support of Christian Ministry Academy and Quick Tips for Christian Ministry.

Several had already tried to set up their own charity… and sadly found out the government registration procedure was very costly and too much of a barrier.

But, we found an easy solution — the Great Commission Foundation!

We easily got rid of all those government registration hassles and outsourced our charity receipting, accounting, tax and legal oversight, financial reporting, and government compliance.

We saved tens of thousands of dollars and a great deal of administration hassle by outsourcing our financial management to a very cost-effective and experienced organization that already had official charity status. We can now put all our energy and focus on our actual mission, not administration.

So we are bringing our best tip to you in this podcast. Listen to a webinar replay of Chad Bruneski, Vice President of Great Commission Foundation, explaining how to get your ministry project started fast.

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Chad Bruneski, is Vice President of Great Commission Foundation.

Website: http://gcfcanada.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheGreatCommissionFoundation


Twitter: https://twitter.com/TGCFandFriends






We would like to thank the sponsor of this podcast…the Great Commission Foundation.


The Great Commission Foundation provides financial management administrative services to ministries… and handles charity donation receipting and government compliance in both the United States and Canada.


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